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Membership plans

GrowSmart offers a range of membership levels to suit all sizes of business.
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We have created GrowSmart based on our experience of directly supporting over 21,400 UK businesses just like yours to grow and scale. Collectively these businesses now turn over more than £2 bn each year!

We have helped these businesses raise over £65.6 million in finance, grown their sales and profitability and their expansion has led to 9,400 new jobs so far. So act now and join us today to become another successful British business!

Many of our professional business specialists have or do run their own successful business, and have gone through all the challenges that you face. Our professional advisers and consultants have written the content of GrowSmart, and so the GrowSmart resource library and GrowSmart planners are practical and based on what really works.

Plans available:

You can choose from three different Membership plans, each designed to provide you with the tools, advice and resources you need at different stages of your business growth.

Membership is completely flexible and you can upgrade to another Membership Plan at any time.

Free 30 day trial

Sign-up today for a 1-month trial to GrowSmart, which is completely free.

This plan is designed for you to get a flavor of what GrowSmart can do for you and your business. By signing up you will have access to:

  • Marketing Planner: enables you to build a personalised marketing plan
  • Use our Diagnostic tool to create your own personalised Reading List
  • 6 Credits to unlock any Resources immediately
  • You can buy extra Credits at any time
  • View the GrowSmart business community

£12 a month, plus VAT

Ready to really get the benefit of using GrowSmart to its full advantage? For just £12, plus VAT, per month, you will receive access to our full Business Planner, helping you to create complete business, marketing and financial plans. You will also have access to content of our full resource library, and unlock content with credits included in your plan.

  • Build and export a business plan
  • Build and export a marketing plan
  • Build and export a finance plan
  • Use our Diagnostic Business Tool to create your own personalised reading list
  • 20 credits to unlock premium content resources immediately
  • Earn credits and buy credits to unlock more content at any time
  • Create a standard Profile on the GrowSmart Business Community
  • View the full GrowSmart Business Community
  • Ask questions of the community
  • Directly message other members
  • ‘Ask the Expert’ your own questions
  • Connect with journalists, buyers, funders, collaborators
This package has a minimum subscription of 3 months

£50 a month, plus VAT

Even with all the online resources and planning tools available in our Premium Membership, many of the GrowSmart community have benefitted from a monthly coaching call with one of our professional business advisers. Within the Advanced option for just £50 per month, plus VAT, you can talk through your challenges and ideas each month with your dedicated business consultant and receive tailored advice for your business to ensure you stay on track for growth.

Signing up to the Advanced Membership plan gives you all the benefits of the Premium package plus:

  • Enhanced Profile on the GrowSmart Business Community 
  • 50 credits to unlock premium content resources immediately
  • A monthly call/Skype mentoring with your dedicated GrowSmart professional business adviser
  • Received tailored advice for your business from our expert consultants
This package has a minimum subscription of 3 months


Credits explained

With each membership plan you will receive a starting number of credits. You also have the opportunity to earn Free Credits to unlock new resources and tools to help grow your business. Below are just a few examples of how you can do this.

Alternatively you can simply buy a pack of credits at any time if you don’t want to wait.

1 Credit

Earn 1 Free Credit by
  • Completing your business profile
  • Start a discussion on GrowSmart Community

3 Credits

Earn 3 credits by
  • Answering a question posted on the GrowSmart Community

5 Credits

Earn 5 credits by
  • Contributing a new resource – email us for more information
  • Upgrading your Membership

Coaching Session

Having a crisis?  Stuck on a particular issue?  Need to talk something through?  

We all know those times when as the boss you feel you’ve got no-one you trust to turn to, or you realise that your thinking could benefit from some external sanity checking.  

For just £65, you can talk with one of our experienced business consultants, who will give you the support and advice you need to solve your problem, or just get the assurance you need to know you are on the right track

£78.00 inclusive of VAT.

Payment FAQs

How do I sign up as a member?

Head to our membership page and select the membership level that is best suited to you and your business.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will be renewed automatically using the payment details you used to sign up. We will send you an email 3 days before to let you know we are about to take payment. You can change your payment details at anytime via your account pages, and you can also turn off the auto renew and view your full purchase history.

Will I receive an invoice for any payments?

You will be sent an Invoice on initial sign-up, which will include details of your Membership plan. After that, if you make additional purchases, like buying more credits for the Resources library, they will be included on your monthly Invoice.

If you are not on a monthly Membership Plan, then any additional items, for example coaching session or credits, will be Invoiced at the time of purchase.

What happens if I upgrade my membership level?

You can upgrade your membership at any time during the month. Adjustments will made to your account to reflect these changes and will be shown on your monthly Invoice.

Can I cancel my membership?

Some of our mmebership levels are on a minimum subscription period, once this initial period has passed you can cancel your membership at any time by turning off the auto renew option. Other Users can turn off their auto renew option. Your membership will then expire at the end of your Invoice period. Reminders will be sent to confirm that you wish to allow your Membership to stop.

Can I rejoin?

You can renew your Membership subscription at any time.

If I redeem my credits how long will I have access to the Resource?

Once you have either redeemed or purchased a Credit, you will always have access.

How long will I have access to the platform?

You will always have limited access to GrowSmart. Once your membership has expired you will not have access to the main learning pages, but you will still have access to the Resources section, and have limited access to the Business Community pages.

What are credits and can I earn them?

Each membership level has the opportunity to earn credits; this can be done by completing sections, referring a friend, posting an offer, using the forum, etc. Credits can be redeemed against our vast Resource Library.

If you've got any questions about membership, check out our FAQ's above or simply get in touch! We look forward to welcoming you to the GrowSmart Community.

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